Huajin Products

Huajin Group has domestic advanced Reversing Cold Rolling Mill, Pickling Line – Tandem Cold Rolling Mill, Continue Hot-Dip Galvanizing Line and Welded Steel Tube Production Line with an annual production capacity of 1.5 million tons of cold rolled coils which includes 600,000mts galvanized steel & 90,000mt welded steel tube. At present, we can produce steel sheets in coils with thickness of 0.15mm-2.0mm and width of 20mm-1300mm according to customer requirements by a short delivery time. Moreover, we have high-precise vertical-slitting machines and horizon-slitting machines. Huajin Group focuses on manufacturing cold rolled steel sheets annealed, full hard and deep drawing grade by using materials of Q195, Q195L, SAE1006, SPHC, 08AL etc. These products are easily formed, it has smooth surface, a standard thickness, flat appearance and are rust resistance. This is ideal for various hardware products such as lighting accessories, fans, ventilators, all kinds of steel case, outer shells for the electric appliances, gasoline tank for motorcycles and electric cooker, etc. Our products are competitive in pricing and we have received many good reviews from our customers/partners. 

Application of our products

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